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Designed by an artist, architect, traveler, and avid cyclist, de quai is an inventive solution to the problem of how to look good when carrying basic belongings on the go.

My over-the-shoulder purse always falls forward when I lean over the handlebars; plus, a purse large enough to carry everything (including bike tools) is usually rather heavy and causes shoulder pain over time. After years of frustration and sore shoulders, I decided enough was enough. I needed something with a fairly large compartment, stout and weatherproof, a gender-neutral bag that will age gracefully with time and not require much care. Versatility is important; strapping it around the waist would make it easy to cycle, but then the belt can quickly be converted to an over-the-shoulder bag to make it look more formal or professional when necessary. I contacted a friend who is leatherworker, and he agreed to build exactly what I wanted.

She’d initially had no intention of producing de quai for others–this was a very specific design for a very specific person–but from the first day she wore her new bag, people asked about it. A couple years of countless inquiries by random strangers convinced her that she could no longer ignore the obvious demand, and de quai was off and running (or cycling)!

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