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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your questions. If you can’t find an answer below, email us at and we’ll respond, as well as add your question to this list in case someone else was wondering the same thing.

How much will the bags cost?

We don’t know yet, as the bag manufacturer will determine that amount after the prototype has been approved. These bags are all made by hand in a small atelier, the craftsmanship is guaranteed for the life of the bag, and each bag is a uniquely numbered “print” of a limited edition drawing series created by an artist, so they probably won’t be cheap!

When will the bags be delivered?

We’re in the process of creating our prototype, very similar to the existing bag you may have already seen, but even better! Once that’s been approved, we can move forward with bag production and have a date for you. That date will be posted here as soon as it’s available.

If I reserve a bag, does that mean I am promising to buy one?

No: it just means that you’ll receive an email when the bags are ready to ship, and you can decide then.

What happens if the stitching breaks or the hardware fails?

Both the craftsmanship and hardware are guaranteed for the life of the bag, so if it’s our fault the bag broke, we’ll fix or replace it free of charge.

Who is making the bags?

We’re currently working with a small, family-owned company in North Carolina to make the prototype, and we anticipate that we will continue through to bag production with them.

Does the bag come in vegan leather?

This first edition will be built from animal leather, but we are exploring a future edition in vegan leather.

Why flies?

Flies are undeniably gross, but fascinating when you consider the fact that they are globally ubiquitous: they are an essential constituent of every ecosystem on earth, and provoke an instinctive, primal, and deeply visceral response in most humans. No one is indifferent to flies–our shared revulsion may be one of the few things we all have in common. That being said, flies play a very important role in dealing with our waste and consuming rot, thereby clearing the way for new growth. Decay is all around us, permeating our society on many different levels both literal and metaphorical: flies offer us the opportunity to clean what is soiled, fix what is broken, and hopefully move forward with a fresh perspective.

The fly images are part of a series of pen-and-ink drawings by artist Patrick Duegaw, entitled Consorting with Flies / Se Mêler Aux Mouches. The first bag, released in a limited edition set of 100, is entitled, 16 juillet 2022. Study for a Fly, Contemplating the Merits of Time Travel.


Why "de quai"?

This in a pun, a double entendre. “Quai” is the French word for platform, a place from which a journey may begin or end. It’s not entirely grammatically correct, but for the sake of making this play on words, “de quai” intends to allude to this act of traveling or exploring, while phonetically sounding almost exactly like the word we all associate with flies: “decay”.

What does "limited edition" mean in this context?

All de quai bags will be created in limited edition sets, each set featuring a different original drawing from the series Consorting with Flies / Se mêler aux Mouches by artist Patrick Duegaw. Editions are 100 bags, and each bag in the set will be numbered. This process is similar to the way a set of fine art prints, such as lithographs, is produced and organized. 

The first bag, released in a limited edition set of 100, is entitled, “16 juillet 2022. Study for a Fly, Contemplating the Merits of Time Travel.”

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